BrainDance Days: Saturday, May 31, 2014: Final discussion forum

Public concluding discussion:
„Dance, Science, Parkinson’s“

As a conclusion to the BrainDance days we came together in a large circle, in which all participants were first of all asked to make a statement about the past intensive days. We were particularly happy about the honesty of one participant of the Freiburg dance workshops for people with Parkinson’s: The dance classes really bring joy, but for her they remain therapy rather than art. Nonetheless it is nice if artists as well as scientists can learn from them. This was followed by thoughts from the participating artists on morality and ethics as well as on the element of play in dance improvisation, on motivation, on the space of the “other”, or on the question about differentiating between art and therapy. The keywords health and beauty came up. Their meaning changes with a change in society. One Parkinson’s dancer mentioned that slowness cannot simply be connected to beauty since for her it means stress. Then, the discussion turned to the dancing that took place in the museum: This was beauty! By dancing together, we make ourselves accessible. Together we can embody beauty. Or, through dance and art something becomes possible that we could not have anticipated, and the unpredictable brings us closer to beauty?

Many levels were addressed in these four days, and, due to this complexity it is necessary to explore different questions in different spaces under different circumstances, but it is also good to have exchange and to leave accustomed roles, so as to meet in new ways, as we did during the BrainDance days. As a neurobiologist, for example, one does not have to change one’s research approach after these days, but one can become aware of one’s role in the whole and let oneself be confronted by the human and emotional side that often receives too little attention.

It was perceived as singular that, regardless of our different disciplines and languages, we were able to communicate amongst one another by dancing together. This is something we should continue to work on as well as share these values with others. Here it is acceptable to recognize that our verbal expression has limits and that dance can stand on its own. And even if one speaks about art where the next talks about magic and the third about beauty, we all know that we mean the same thing. Dance brings us together. We should use this more often – we should live it.

We thank everyone who visited, inspired, and shaped the BrainDance days.



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